Soul Songs That Would Make A Grown Man Cry

I’m pretty sure that my love affair with soul music started when  I first saw “Dirty Dancing” (years and years ago). Although I had listened to The Supremes and Jackson 5 previously, something happened when I heard “Cry To Me” with Salomon Burke in the bedroom scene.

From then on I dug into “deeper” soul, not the Motown kind. Aretha Franklin and especially Otis Redding.

No one sings soul like Otis. I’ve heard stories about how his bandmembers started crying during recording sessions, because of the soul in his voice. Grown men crying… That’s the power of a great soul ballad.
There’s really isn’t anything like it. Just watch this:

Since then I’m always on the lookout for more tear-jerking, heartbreaking soul songs to my collection.
Like this more recent find:

And in the end I made this playlist on that very theme – Soul Songs That Would Make A Grown Man Cry. It contains lots of classics + a few lesser known songs. Enjoy!


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