Monthly Top 20, September 2013

Ok so I summarised the playlist a couple of days ago but couldn’t find the time to blog it so I’ve lost all the stats.
Therefor I’ll just share the playlist. and the top 3 songs.

1. Erma Franklin – Baby What You Want me To Do
(Arethas older sister) This is a forgetten gem. I can’t possibly figure out how it has managed to escape me all this time. Wonderful, catchy, and groovy!

2. Tavares – Heaven Must Be Missing An Angel
This just must be one of the greatest disco tunes ever with the added bonus of great looking outfits, choreography and general swag. The song just makes me feel real happy… Inside-out!

3. Frank Sinatra – Where Or When
I couldn’t find the version I was looking for. I want the soft version with just a piano not the big band thing. This is an outtake from the piano recording. I love the way he avoids to go for the higher note  that would be the Frank Sinatra thing to do. Instead he lets the end of most lines just fade away. It makes the crescendo at the end even more effectful.

The entire playlist:


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